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Bergen County NJ’s Best Roof Cleaning Service

Why DAANCO Weatherproofing?


“We only hurt the dirt” We at DAANCO have been cleaning roofs for twenty-four years and have the experience and professionalism needed to successfully clean your roof without damage or environmental concerns about harsh chemicals. We have provided countless numbers of homeowners the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of their homes without having to look at black streaks, moss or lichen and knowing that their roof will continue to protect them without worrying about the damage those growths would otherwise have done.

We also offer brick & stone cleaning, paint & graffiti removal, as well as wood siding and decks services.

Why Choose The Roof Magic Roof Cleaning System?

– It can save you from replacing your roof prematurely. The stuff that commonly accumulates on roofs: the black stains of algae, moss, mildew, and fungus can eat your shingles reducing the life by up to 50%.
– As you can see from our many photos, a treatment will restore the beauty to your home.
– Keep mildew spores from entering your home.
– We have cleaned hundreds of roofs.
– We use a low-pressure cleaning system instead of roof-damaging power washing.
– How much will it cost? The cost of a RoofMagic treatment is a typically a small fraction of the cost of replacing the roof!